Harbour HostelFACILITIESAnd Neighbours

Harbour Hostel is a cozy home away from home.

We have been working hard to give this old bookstore a new life.

Garage dining room and kitchen

Well equipped kitchen

Our spaces and well equipped kitchen has proven it self where people come together from all over the world to cook, talk and have a laugh. The dining area is located in the old garage wich is in the basement next to the kicthen but be sure to check out the harbour view!

our living room

Cafe Nú

Cafe Nu is a very cozy place created by 3 friends – lovers of good coffee and natural food. Despite the fact that our vintage interior will make you travel back in time, you will find yourself ‘here and now. ‘Nú’ actually means now 🙂 Come. It’s time to chill..


 Be cool, be clean!

In our basement are showers and WC that our guests can use while staying with us. Hairdryers, cotton buds and pads, shower gel and soap are of course free for our guests.

Piano in the hallway

Live music at your fingertips

If you know how to play the piano feel free to play a few songs for your fellow travellers but we ask you to treat it like it’s your own.

Book for a book

Finished your book?

Don’t worry – we have a small selection of books that you can take with you if you leave one behind. Check it out it’s the basement next to the dining room.

High-speed wifi

Always connected!

Eventhough your are in the countryside you can connect to free high speed wifi all over town, just look for Stykkisholmur Open.

NEsbrauð - Bakery

Freshly baked bread and icelandic pastry

The local bakery, Nesbrauð, is just down the street where you can buy a fresly baked bread and icelandic pastries. We recommomend trying the Icelandic Kleina and Ástarpungur.

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Narfeyrarstofa - Restaurant

Dishes that are known to impress and inspire

This great restaurant is just around the corner! Their menu is composed of ingredients that are from the area. We recommend trying the local lamb or go with the fish of the day.

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Skúrinn - Restaurant

Best burgers in town!

This tiny yellow house has some great burgers on the menu. We reccommend ordering one of their famouse burgers, Eldriborgarinn which translates to the old citizen.

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Skúrinn pizza joint

Feel like pizza or wings?

Basic and fairly priced pizzeria located next to the supermarket, Bónus.

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Liqure store

Looking for some cheap beer?

Just down the street you will found Vínbúðin.

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Bónus - Supermarket

Stock up!

You are just in luck, Bónus is in Stykkishólmur.

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Do you have a question or an enquiry?

We welcome any questions or enquiries through phone or email.

+354 517 5353


Hafnargata 4, 340 Stykkishólmur