Harbour Hostel offers a range of accommodation in private rooms, family rooms and dorms. Dorm options for 4, 8 or 12 are available.

Linen is provided for all beds. Towels are provided in private rooms and family rooms. Sleeping-bags are not allowed due to health and hygiene reasons. All rooms are cleaned daily and all are keycard-locked for security.

All floors at Harbour Hostel have clean, well-maintained toilets. Showers are locatged on ground floor.

Room types are:

Double room

Family room

4 bed dorm

8 bed dorm

12 bed dorm

Double room.

A double room has a double bed or two single beds. A double bed is 180 cm x 200 cm. A single bed is 90 cm x 200 cm.

Family room.

In a family room are a double bed and bunks, total beds for 4 people. The double bed is 180 cm x 200 cm. The bunks are 90 cm x 200 cm. A family room can also be two bunks.

4 bed dorm.

There are two bunks in a 4 bed dorm. Each bed is 90 cm x 200 cm.

8 bed dorm.

Four bunks are in the 8 bed dorm. Each bunk is 90 cm x 200 cm.

12 bed dorm.

The 12 bed dorm is the biggest dorm. It is great for group. Also good for individuals. There are six bunks in the room, each bed being 90 cm x 200 cm.